Pet Sales Contract And Agreement


The Seller, _____________________, and the Buyer, ___________________, hereby agree as follows:

1.     The seller hereby sells to the buyer, for the amount of $______________, payment of which is hereby acknowledged, a French Bulldog puppy, born _______________.


2.     The seller guarantees that the puppy is in good health on the date of delivery. The buyer has the right to return the puppy to the seller within three days after delivery and receive a refund of the purchase price if the puppy is found by a veterinarian to be suffering from any disease.


3.     Viral, bacterial colds or infections such as coccidia or giardia (bloody stool) are a form of worms which are easily treated and are not covered in the health guarantee as they are natural things puppies can pick up. Puppies are naturally at risk for coccidia or giardia or worms which is often brought on by stress of a new home, new food, new people, or just a change in environment.


4.     The seller guarantees that the puppy described above will be free of adenovirus2, Bordetella, distemper, para influenza, and parvovirus for the period of 7 calendar days after receipt of the puppy by the buyer, The seller will provide vaccination record and vet examination records of the purchased puppy. If the puppy is due for vaccinations, and the buyer fails to provide vaccinations with in 72 hours of that date, this guarantee is null and void if the puppy contracts diseases that would otherwise be prevented by those vaccinations.


5.     The buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet, and a clean and safe environment.


6.     The buyer agrees to provide annual vet exams, including heartworm checks and preventatives, and to do all vaccinations yearly. Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids ALL guarantees. Puppy will receive regular booster vaccinations and will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain its good health.


7.     No replacement for temperament as this is environmental and is the buyer’s responsibility. As breeders we expect that this puppy will be properly socialized and have obedience training. As responsible breeders we do everything possible to breed quality dogs of sound mind and body. Some responsibility is the buyers as to proper feeding, exercise, training, and socializing, of which all have bearing on the end results of a sounds adult dog.


8.     If at any time the buyer is unable to or unwilling to care for this dog, buyers agree to contract and return puppy to seller. I DO NOT want my pups to end up in a rescue, shelter or unfit home! Buyer also agrees NOT to place dog in another home without written consent from the seller. A refund will depend on reason for the returning of puppy/dog.


9.     The seller shall not sell the puppy, to any individual or establishment in the business of buying and selling puppies for a profit.


10.   This puppy is being reserved or held by the seller for the buyer, a minimum deposit $350.00 must be given on the signing of this contract. Puppies are NOT reserved until deposit is received. The balance of the purchase price shall be paid when the puppy is picked up. The deposit will NOT be refunded. Unless something happens to the puppy, that is out of buyers control, before the sale is final. Cash only is accepted for the final payment.


11.      The puppy is NOT for breeding. It is a pet only. In violation of this agreement the owner is liable of paying a $10,000 fine.

The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established to ensure the well being of the dog, but also to uphold and maintain the reputation of quality that BestFrenchies has established. The buyer’s agreements will continue for the dog’s life and the seller will have the right to enforce the agreements.

Agreed to this date ________________


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